The Awakening

by Jeff Johnson & Sandy Simpson



"Out of the night ... into the Light."

A richly evocative musical journey full of many twists and turns. The sequel to Through The Door,

Featuring –
Jeff Johnson: Keys & vocals
Sandy Simpson: Guitars, keys & vocals

Music Review –

These two make some of the most eclectic sounding music, a touch of jazz, a lot of the technology of techno/Europop, the light airy feel of New Age, the gutsy emotion of rock, deeply experimental and forward thinking it is a music without easy comparison, but unforgettable once you've heard it.
– BQN / Harvest Rock Syndicate


released March 15, 1986

Also featuring –
Mark Schulman: Drums
Obo Addy: Percussion
Roger Hadley: Percussion & ambience
Rick Crittenden: Bass
Jenny Lindner: Harp
Lyricon: Michael Bard
Voice of the Traveler: Jim Caputo
Voice of the Wizard: Dallas McKennon

Produced, recorded & mixed by Jeff Johnson & Sandy Simpson Recorded at The Ark / Tigard, Oregon

Sound effects by Ark Mobile.
Mastered by John Golden

℗ 1987 Ark Records, Inc. / ArkMusic
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
(see individual tracks for complete information)
Administered by

Cover art by Kathy & David Hastings © 1987


"Through The Door" is also available on iTunes.


all rights reserved



Jeff Johnson

ArkMusic recording artist, composer, producer, and Selah worship leader has released numerous solo recordings along with collaborations with Irish flutist, Brian Dunning inspired by Stephen Lawhead's novels and guitarist, Phil Keaggy. View Jeff's complete discography here: ... more

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Track Name: Episode At Splendor Falls
Episode At Splendor Falls
Based on the following text by Sandy Simpson:

Traveler: I awoke as one awakes from a dream; not entirely sure if the tables hadn't been turned and this was really a dream I was going to sleep into. As I opened my eyes all I could see was a vast blackness punctuated by millions of tiny pinprick stars that seemed to shout a crystalline name in chorus into the darkness in a language I did not yet fully understand.

As my mind started to clear, I began to notice the sound of oars caressing water and to feel a gentle rocking motion all about me. I attempted to sit up and as I did so I felt the presence of someone else close by in what I now perceived to be some sort of small water craft.

Raising my head up above the rim of the boat I noticed a figure silhouetted against the night sky seated some distance away from me. Among the sounds of the creatures that inhabited the night I faintly heard the sound of my own voice saying: "Who are you?"

The silence I was greeted with from the far side of the skiff made the increasing cadence of water and nature around me grow faint by comparison. We seemed to be moving faster and the sound of many waters was close at hand. "Where are we going?" I asked . . .

Not really expecting an answer this time, the Wizard answered, "To the Awakening."

As I heard his voice for the first time I had the strange sensation we had met before. . . somewhere. "The Awakening?" I asked . . . almost afraid to hear the answer.

He answered, "A time and place we all must meet and face to face choose what we seek."

I had it now. This was the same voice that had guided me, with whispers, through my many wanderings. But now his voice was a clear as the night air. (Talking louder over the water) "I'm not sure I understand what you mean, sir, but don't you think we are getting into deep water here?"

He calmly interrupted me, "The waters run deep where we least expect them but if we follow the watercourse we will, at last, have an end to it. Or a beginning."

The sound and the fury of a great waterfall was now so near I could fee its deep-toned articulations pulsating through my body like blood from an open wound. I knew then my life was forfeit. I shouted, "I fear for our lives, sir. Shouldn't we abandon this craft?"

But the Wizard answered calmy, "Fear life rather than death for it is in life that we sleep the slumber of death but it is in death that we rise to the awakening of life."

And after a long pause, he continued, "I must say goodbye now. We shall not meet again in this way. But fear not. You will understand much very soon. Fare thee well, my son . . . fair thee well!"

Words by Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: Can't You Hear It Calling?
Can't You Hear It Calling?
Lead vocal: Jeff Johnson

But the night was as troublesome to him as the day; wherefore instead of sleeping, he spent it in sighs and tears. – From The Pilgrim's Progress - In the Similitude of a Dream by John Bunyan

Outside my window some cat is screaming in the night,
It sounds so human like someone deep in agony,
Could it be someone from way off calling into me?

Up from the warm bed I thrust the door into the cold,
And hiss my teeth out - the animal bolts for the filed,
But I still hear someone from way off calling into me.

Can 't you hear it calling?
Can't you hear it calling to me?

Deep from within me I hear that cat scream echoing,
It sounds so human like someone deep in agony,
Could it be someone from way off calling into me?

Back in my warm bed as I am falling into sleep,
I know I'm dreaming, but everything seems genuine,
And there is somone from way off calling into me.

Am I going crazy hearing this voice call to me,
From outside to my inside?

By Jeff Johnson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: At The Back Of The North Wind
At The Back Of The North Wind (Instrumental)

They thought he was dead. I knew that he had gone to the back of the north wind.
– From At The Back Of The North Wind by George MacDonald

By Jeff Johnson & Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: The Dance Of Dawn
The Dance Of Dawn
Lead vocal: Sandy Simpson

Golden sunrise on a balmy day,
Rolled in blue skies from across the bay.
Night stars flicker as they close their eyes;
Eyelids thicker as light clothes the sky.

Night time cowers in its greying shroud;
Threatening, dour, like raining cloud.
Yet, The wonder of a bright new day,
Quells the thunder of a night too grey.

Why did we pass on through the door into the light,
This blinding light that lights up all the corners of the night.
Renewing spirits tired by aimless flight,
Out of the night,
Into the light?

Creatures waken as they hear the call;
Sleep forsaken like a weary pall.
Treetops glisten as they deck the sky,
Mountains listen as dawn echoes by.

Colors brighten in a slow array;
Senses heightened to a newborn day.
Dewdrops burnish in a golden song,
As they furnish us the dance of dawn.

By Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: Attempted Sabotage
Attempted Sabotage (Instrumental)

By Jeff Johnson & Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: Across the Fields / Walking at Night
Across The Fields / Walking At Night
Lead vocal: Sandy Simpson

Across the sky, the clouds move,
Across the fields, the wind,
Across the fields the lost child of my mother wanders.

Across the street, the leaves blow,
Across the trees, birds cry,
Across the mountains, far away, my home must be...

Ak umibais ra mocha tutau a btuch a obengek.
(I wander close to the early morning, the stars accompany me.)

Ngorakiruu, ea buil a medideruurt el ngara tkul a Ngesang.
(And the full moon is scurrying, to and from, on the outskirts of Ngesang.)

A chelitakl ra irechar amelkio ra renguk.
(The songs of yesterdays are speaking to my soul.)

Ma ikel omeroled a mengitak 'I ngara medak,
(And the paths we trod are singing in my eyes.)

I am walking late at night, shadows of walls fall down;
And through the vines I can see moonlight across stream and road.

Songs that I sang before come softly once again,
Shadows of uncounted journeys cross my way.

Wind and snow and heat of years echo in my steps,
Summer nights and blue lightning, storm and travel weariness.

Brown and full of this life I feel myself drawn,
Once more, until my path turns into the dark...

– From the poems "Uber die felder. . ." and "Gehst in der Nacht" by Herman Hesse. Palauan verse by Sandy Simpson / Translated by Teo Kuarte & Angela Simpson.

Music by Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: Posing Man
Posing Man
Lead vocal: Mac Smoothtalker

Here I sit at the screen,
Watching life in white and green.
All my questions, all my feelings,
Entered in your memory.

Posing here in the darkness,
You see my face, I see your light.
But there's no answer in your eyes,
Or are they my eyes that I see?

You are me, but I'm not you,
I am someone, I am someone.

You are me, but I'm not you,
I am someone, I am someone.

I ask questions,
You repeat them,
I want answers,
I want answers...

By Jeff Johnson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: The Siege
The Siege (Instrumental)

Rubak, Rubak era eanged,
(Lord, Lord of heaven,)
Oldanges, oldanges er Ngii.
(Praise, praise Him.)

By Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by
Track Name: One Of These Days / The Awakening
One Of These Days/The Awakening
Lead vocal: Jeff Johnson

If I say, "Surely the darkness will overwhelm me,
And the light around me will be night."
Even the darkness is not dark to Thee,
And the night is as bright as the day.
Darkness and light are alike to Thee.
–Psalm 139: 11-12

Someday, Sunday, Its alright...

Someday, someday, I'm gonna see,
Someday, someday, I'm gonna be free.

In the shadows of the night I can see the coming light.
There's something in the wind outside,
Something that no longer hides.

Someday, someday, I'm gonna be,
Someday, someday, I'm gonna see,
Someday, someday, one of these days these eyes will see.

Out of this dream I call to Thee,
Out of this dark surrounding me.
And your voice saves me from my phantasy,
Crying, "Darkness is not dark to me."

One of these days I will walk straight into your light,
A blind man who has suddenly received his sight.
Out of this dream, out of this dream, I will awaken,
Into your arms, one of these days...

By Jeff Johnson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
Administered by