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Based on the classic picture book by Angela Elwell Hunt, the narration of the story is accompanied by a rich Celtic influenced musical score. The CD version includes the original 20 minute program as well as the individual instrumental cues which make up the soundtrack offered as separate tracks.


Elizabeth Denison Martin

Jeff Johnson

Brian Dunning
Flutes, whistles & recorder

Various musicians

The Tale Of Three Trees - Audio Version
Music by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning with narration by Elizabeth Denison Martin
(ArkMusic/Lion 1990) $11.00/CD

Three Little Trees (song)
By Jeff Johnson

Three little trees,
What do you see,
As you look down at the world from a mountain.

Three little trees,
With three little dreams,
As they grow tall up on top of the mountain.
One hoped for beauty, one hoped for strength,
One hoped to point up to God in the heavens.

Three little trees,
All loved by God,
As they grow tall up on top of the mountain.

Three little trees,
Like you and like me,
As we look down at the world from a mountaintop.

1990 Sola Scriptura Songs/Ark Records, Inc.

Those looking for Christmas classics would do well to hunt for this. The Tale of Three Trees features Jeff Johnson's signature synthesizer lines and narrator Elizabeth Denison Martin's stately retelling of the beloved Christmas story.

~ Billboard Magazine (November 1990)