Episode At Splendor Falls

from by Jeff Johnson & Sandy Simpson



Episode At Splendor Falls
Based on the following text by Sandy Simpson:

Traveler: I awoke as one awakes from a dream; not entirely sure if the tables hadn't been turned and this was really a dream I was going to sleep into. As I opened my eyes all I could see was a vast blackness punctuated by millions of tiny pinprick stars that seemed to shout a crystalline name in chorus into the darkness in a language I did not yet fully understand.

As my mind started to clear, I began to notice the sound of oars caressing water and to feel a gentle rocking motion all about me. I attempted to sit up and as I did so I felt the presence of someone else close by in what I now perceived to be some sort of small water craft.

Raising my head up above the rim of the boat I noticed a figure silhouetted against the night sky seated some distance away from me. Among the sounds of the creatures that inhabited the night I faintly heard the sound of my own voice saying: "Who are you?"

The silence I was greeted with from the far side of the skiff made the increasing cadence of water and nature around me grow faint by comparison. We seemed to be moving faster and the sound of many waters was close at hand. "Where are we going?" I asked . . .

Not really expecting an answer this time, the Wizard answered, "To the Awakening."

As I heard his voice for the first time I had the strange sensation we had met before. . . somewhere. "The Awakening?" I asked . . . almost afraid to hear the answer.

He answered, "A time and place we all must meet and face to face choose what we seek."

I had it now. This was the same voice that had guided me, with whispers, through my many wanderings. But now his voice was a clear as the night air. (Talking louder over the water) "I'm not sure I understand what you mean, sir, but don't you think we are getting into deep water here?"

He calmly interrupted me, "The waters run deep where we least expect them but if we follow the watercourse we will, at last, have an end to it. Or a beginning."

The sound and the fury of a great waterfall was now so near I could fee its deep-toned articulations pulsating through my body like blood from an open wound. I knew then my life was forfeit. I shouted, "I fear for our lives, sir. Shouldn't we abandon this craft?"

But the Wizard answered calmy, "Fear life rather than death for it is in life that we sleep the slumber of death but it is in death that we rise to the awakening of life."

And after a long pause, he continued, "I must say goodbye now. We shall not meet again in this way. But fear not. You will understand much very soon. Fare thee well, my son . . . fair thee well!"

Words by Sandy Simpson
© 1987 Sola Scriptura Songs (BMI)
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from The Awakening, released March 15, 1986


all rights reserved



Jeff Johnson

ArkMusic recording artist, composer, producer, and Selah worship leader has released numerous solo recordings along with collaborations with Irish flutist, Brian Dunning inspired by Stephen Lawhead's novels and guitarist, Phil Keaggy. View Jeff's complete discography here: www.selahservice.com/2015/05/jeff-johnsons-arkmusic-discography/ ... more

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