The Prophecy​/​Goewyn's Fair Face

from by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning



... When she spoke again, her voice held a note of anguish that pierced my heart to hear it.

"Hear, O Silver Hand; heed the Head of Wisdom" ... "Sorry and be sad, deep grief is granted Albion in triple measure. The Golden King in his kingdom will strike his foot against the Rock of Contention" ... "But happy shall be Caledon; the Flight of Ravens will flock to her many-shadowed glens, and ravensong shall be her song." ... "Hear, O Son of Albion: Blood is born of blood. Flesh is born of flesh. But the spirit is born of Spirit and with Spirit evermore remains. Before Albion is One, the Hero Feat must be performed and Silver Hand must reign."

"But why give the awen to me?" I demanded, my anger flaring again. "I am no bard! I do not want it. I cannot use it."

"It was given to you because you were there," Goewyn soothed.

"And I would give it to Tegid if I could." I declared sharply. "I want no part of it!"

I felt her hand on my cheek as she turned my face to hers. "You have been chosen for great things," she said, and although she spoke lightly her tone was edged with an iron conviction.

Excerpt from The Paradise War © Stephen R. Lawhead
Used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


from Songs From Albion 1, released March 15, 1992


all rights reserved



Jeff Johnson

ArkMusic recording artist, composer, producer, and Selah worship leader has released numerous solo recordings along with collaborations with Irish flutist, Brian Dunning inspired by Stephen Lawhead's novels and guitarist, Phil Keaggy. View Jeff's complete discography here: ... more

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